Yellow peach and lemon ice juice

Yellow peach and lemon ice juice
Take advantage of the nectarine season, let's have a deep processing A glass of nectarine ice juice is really refreshing
Main ingredients
  • 250 grams of yellow peach
  • 50 grams of lemon
  • Folic acid inulin 10g
  • Purified water 200ml
  • Appropriate amount of ice

How to make yellow peach lemon ice juice 11.First prepare the required ingredients, nectarine nectarine is best to use five-point ripe peach lemon folic acid inulin pure water ice cubes

Step 2 of Yellow Peach Lemon Ice Juice2.First process the lemon and slice the lemon for later use

Step 3 of Yellow Peach Lemon Ice Juice3.Then slice nectarines for the purpose of doing this It is easy to put into the food processor

Yellow peach lemon ice juice Step 44.Pour folic acid inulin into purified water and stir quickly to dissolve it completely.Folic acid inulin is widely used abroad.It can not only supplement folic acid and vitamins, but also has a very obvious effect of laxative and detoxification.It can also stabilize blood sugar.Many foreign doctors recommend it to people with long-term constipation and people with unstable blood sugar.In addition, many foreign slimming shakes also add folic acid inulin to help people lose weight and stay in shape

Step 5 of Yellow Peach Lemon Ice Juice5.Put the processed nectarines into the juicer

Step 6 of Yellow Peach Lemon Ice Juice6.Make freshly squeezed nectarine juice Pour it directly into the folic acid inulin solution just made

yellow Step 77.Squeeze in a few drops of lemon juice.If you like a sweet taste, you can add a little honey.Personally, I don't like sweetness very much, so I didn't add honey.I drank the original sour taste.Sweet and sour taste

How to make yellow peach lemon ice juice 88.Then stir well

Yellow peach lemon ice Step 99.Add ice cubes to the juice glass

Step 10 of Yellow Peach Lemon Ice Juice10.Pour it into a glass and add a little nectarine slices and lemon slices to decorate, and you can have a cup in summer.It's really cool and refreshing.The taste is very good

Everyone's taste is different and their preferences are different.The juice I made is medium-ripe nectarines and lemon juice is added, so the taste is sweet and sour.If you feel sour, you can add an appropriate amount of honey

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