Two-color yogurt cup

Two-color yogurt cup
Low-fat, healthy and delicious yogurt cups are actually very easy to make at home DIY, super simple ingredients and very simple to share today Two-color yogurt cups use freeze-dried strawberries to color the yogurt and make a beautiful afternoon tea.
Main ingredients
  • 30g freeze-dried strawberries
  • yogurt 200ml
  • fruit nut oatmeal 75g
  • zero-calorie sugar 10g

Two-color yogurt cup Step 11.First prepare the required ingredients and MONJ vacuum portable juicer

Step 2 of the two-color yogurt cup2.Pour the yogurt into the juicer cup

Step 3 of the two-color yogurt cup3.Add 10 grams of freeze-dried strawberries and 10 grams of zero-calorie sugar

Step 4 of the two-color yogurt cup4.Turn on the juice cup to turn the yogurt light pink

Step 5 of the two-color yogurt cup5.Pour out half Add 10 grams of freeze-dried strawberries to the yogurt and turn it into bright pink

two-color Step 66.Pour the whipped bright pink yogurt into the glass

Step 7 of the two-color yogurt cup7.Add about 30 grams of fruit and nut oatmeal Because I prefer to eat oatmeal and add more, I can adjust it according to my preferences

Step 8 of the two-color yogurt cup8.Pour the light pink yogurt that was beaten into the cup and put the remaining 10 grams of freeze-dried strawberries and oatmeal on top.This two-color yogurt cup is ready.

1.There is no fixed proportion of homemade yogurt cup, you can adjust it according to your own preferences 2.Zero-calorie sugar can be replaced with honey or you can ignore it directly 3.The overall texture of this MONJ vacuum portable juicer cup The super cup body is made of baby-grade Tritan material.The cutter head is made of 304 stainless steel food-grade material.It is safe and secure.It is worth mentioning that its pull-up vacuum pump design is not easy to oxidize the juice and can be vacuum-preserved for up to 5 hours.The effect is super awesome.

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