Towel Roll Cake

Towel Roll Cake
The three colors here are the proportion of one color. Six inches can make five pieces. If you make a single color, you can multiply by three
Main ingredients
  • Milk 35-40g
  • Egg 18g
  • Flour 20g
  • cream 100g
  • sugar 10g
  • butter 3g
  • vegetable oil 3g

How to make a towel roll cake 11.Prepare three colors of flour I use strawberry beet flour, spinach flour, pumpkin chickpea flour, if you don't have colored flour, you can also use fruit and vegetable juice to replace part of the milk, as long as the color reaches the color you want, such as spinach Juicy dragon juice can be made yellow directly with white flour because the eggs are yellow

Step 2 of towel roll cake2.Beat the eggs and put 18g of egg liquid in each bowl

Step 3 of towel roll cake3.Mix 35-40g milk and 5g sugar evenly

Step 4 of towel roll cake4.Finally add colored flour

Step 5 of towel roll cake5.Then sieve each color twice to make The batter has no lumps

Step 6 of towel roll cake6.Add 3g of vegetable oil and 3g of melted butter and mix well

Step 7 of the towel roll cake7.Now, before frying, stir the batter to avoid sinking

Step 8 of towel roll cake8.The pan can be a little warm Directly pour a spoonful of batter and spread it immediately, otherwise it will solidify and it will be very thick.The fire must be kept on low heat.

Step 9 of towel roll cake9.I used this artifact, which is a heat-conducting plate, so that the temperature of the pan can be very uniform.If you don't have this plate at home, if the temperature is very hot, turn off the stove immediately Turn off the fire and use the residual temperature of the pot to continue to fry the cakes.If they are not cooked, turn on the fire again.

Step 10 of the towel roll cake10.Wait until the skin is a little dry before picking it up, otherwise it will break easily.When frying the second one, make sure to lower it with a damp cloth The temperature of the pot can be omitted if you have a heat conduction plate because the temperature of the pot is low and very stable

Step 11 of the towel roll cake11.After the skin is all fried and cooled, we will send the whipped cream 250g+25g sugar

Step 12 of the towel roll cake12.Send it to such a solidified and textured state, that's it.This kind of cream can be mounted floral

Step 13 of the towel roll cake13.One layer of skin and one layer of cream does not need to be too much Thick

Step 14 of towel roll cake14.Five skins of one color are ready.

Towel roll Step 1515.I put the remaining cream in a piping bag and put a piping tip

Step 16 of the towel roll cake16.Squeeze the cream on the surface and whatever kind of flower you like can be refrigerated for more than three hours before eating

1 The pot should not be too hot, otherwise the batter will solidify as soon as it is poured, and it will be very thick.2 The skin will be very thin.You need to wait for the skin to dry a little before picking it up with a silicone spatula.3.The color of the flour can be adjusted according to your own preferences.You can use natural fruit and vegetable juice.4.The water absorption of flour is a little different, so if you feel that there is too little milk, the batter is difficult to spread.You can add a little more liquid to solve it.

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