Three Shredded Chicken Roll

Three Shredded Chicken Roll
Main ingredient
  • The right amount of chicken thighs
  • the right amount of lettuce
  • the right amount of winter bamboo shoots
  • the right amount of carrots
  • the right amount of starch
  • the right amount of green onions
  • Appropriate amount of oil
  • Appropriate amount of salt
  • Appropriate amount of cooking wine
  • Appropriate amount of soy sauce

Three silk chicken Step 11.Boneless chicken thigh

Step 22.Shredded chicken rolls

Step 3 of Three Shredded Chicken Roll3.Mix the chicken thighs with salt, cooking wine and light soy sauce and marinate for 10 minutes

Step 4 of Three Shredded Chicken Roll the winter bamboo shoots in half and blanch

Step 6 of Three Shredded Chicken Roll6.Sliced ??winter bamboo shoots, lettuce, carrots, scallions and slices

Step 7 of the Three Shredded Chicken Roll7.Put the oil in the pot and add the chicken, stir fry and change color and serve out

Step 8 of Three Shredded Chicken Rolls8.Leave the oil in the pot and add the vegetables and stir fry with a little water to soften

Step 9 of Three Shredded Chicken Roll9.Put in the shallots Season with salt and soy sauce

Step 10 of the three-wire chicken roll10.Fried vegetables

Three-shredded chicken rolls Step 1111.Pre-paste the spring roll skins

Step 12 of Three Shredded Chicken Roll12.Put chicken and vegetables on it

Step 13 of the three-wire chicken roll13.Roll it up and tie it with hot soft green onion leaves

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