The practice of Sichuan moldy tofu fermented bean curd

The practice of Sichuan moldy tofu fermented bean curd
Uncle and cousin half a month ago Every time they come to my house, I will cook a table full of delicious food from my hometown and let them feast on it. Uncle joined the army at the age of fifteen and left home to study for five years. He was admitted to Harbin Institute of Technology. Moving south to north until finally settling in Yantai, my uncle is now 80 years old. His body is strong, his movements are coordinated, his mind is quick, he speaks clearly, he speaks slowly, and he always smiles. My relatives and friends chatted about fishing and food. My uncle asked me if I still had fermented bean curd at home. I went back to my hometown this winter for the Chinese New Year, and I didn’t make it. He doesn't need a small bottle of one flavor. Uncle said it several times in a long time. His face is full of happy memories and longing. Looking at him, my nose is sore and my eyes immediately feel moisturizing. I hurriedly said that the temperature is not high yet I can still make a batch. I secretly said to my uncle that I will make it for you every year from now on. Now I can understand why I always like to be busy making some hometown snacks every year. I want to eat it. In the process of making it, I find the feeling of my childhood and brew my thoughts for my parents and friends. We usually call fermented bean curd as fermented bean curd or moldy bean curd. This year, I can still mold tofu while the temperature is low, but I can’t handle Chinese cabbage, so I decided to leave the fermented bean curd naked. In order to make it easier to pick up, I washed out a glass kimchi jar so that when I used chopsticks, I could see the inside clearly. Start with fermented bean curd and maintain its integrity
Main ingredients
  • 6 jins of old tofu
  • 50 grams of pepper noodles
  • 15 grams of white pepper powder
  • 250 grams of chili noodles
  • 250 grams of salt
  • High Grain Liquor 250g above 52%

Sichuan moldy bean curd fermented bean curd method step 11.Buy fresh old tofu and drain the water, cut the tofu into 2-3 cm thick pieces, and place them in a place covered with clean corn leaves or When using a steamer bamboo sieve in the straw carton, you can also pay attention to 1.Tofu needs to be placed in multiple layers, and there needs to be a gap of more than 3 cm between the upper and lower layers.2.The tofu is covered with corn leaves.The side that contacts the carton should also be covered with corn leaves to prevent Moisture evaporates and the cover is placed in a cool place to grow mucor

Step 2 of the practice of Sichuan moldy bean curd fermented bean curd2.The tofu is left for about 12 to 18 days.When the tofu grows and the surface becomes soft, the fermented bean curd can be processed.

Sichuan moldy bean curd fermented bean curd practice step 33.Salt, chili powder, pepper powder and pepper powder are mixed in an appropriate proportion.The chilli and prickly ash can be fried in a clean and oil-free iron pan Crisp with a food processor to crush pepper can be bought from the supermarket

Sichuan mold How to make fermented bean curd Step 44.Soak the moldy tofu in high liquor.I used 52 degree Red Star Erguotou this time.I didn't buy high liquor from Sichuan.It's better to put the tofu cubes in Use a small spoon to pour the wine evenly on the outside of the tofu

Step 55.Put the tofu in the salt, chili powder, pepper powder and pepper mixture.Use a small spoon to scoop the powder onto the tofu so that all sides are evenly coated with the seasoning

Step 6 of the practice of Sichuan moldy bean curd fermented bean curd 6.Neatly put it into the jar and seal the mouth of the jar.It can be eaten the next day.The longer the time, the stronger the fragrance.meishi/mstx/5/ZtJQpdvgs0_1838700.jpg"alt="Sichuan moldy bean curd fermented bean curd practice step 7"/>7.Pack the fermented fermented fermented bean curd

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