Sweet apricot jam

Sweet apricot jam
Jam---sweet apricot jam
Main ingredients
  • Apricot 2000g
  • Sugar 600g
  • Appropriate amount of honey

How to make sweet apricot jam 11.Control the water after cleaning the apricots

sweet Step 22.Cut the apricots into small pieces

Step 3 of sweet apricot jam3.Sprinkle with sugar and marinate

Step 4 of sweet apricot jam4.Marinate until the apricots are watery

Step 5 of sweet apricot jam5.Pour into the bread machine and select the jam function

Step 6 of sweet apricot jam6.Blanch the bottle with controlled water, wipe the water dry, and put the jam in the bottle upside down

The bottle of jam should be sterilized by scalding and the jam made with ripe apricots without oil and water tastes better

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