Susan fresh steamed buns

Susan fresh steamed buns
There are many delicious ways to eat leeks. My family likes to use leeks for stuffing. Leeks can be used as vegetarian san fresh You can also make three fresh meats with some seafood, and even more fresh with fresh leeks. You can make dumplings, steamed buns, or wonton pie. Anyway, it's delicious.
Main ingredients
  • 400g chives
  • 200g unsalted dried shrimp skin
  • 8 eggs
  • Appropriate amount of oil
  • Appropriate amount of salt
  • A little thirteen spice
  • A little five-spice powder
  • 500 grams of flour

Susanxian Step 11.First, add hot water to the flour and mix with chopsticks to form a floc, then wait for some air to form a dough.During the time, add an appropriate amount of cold water according to the condition of the dough and put it on Cover the lid and wake up for a while

Vegetarian three fresh steamed buns Step 22.Add a little bit of egg and stir and then put a little more oil in the wok than usual to fry vegetables, fry the egg into shape, take it out and let it cool

Step 3 of the vegetarian three fresh steamed buns3.Dispose of the leeks, remove the bad leaves, wash them, put them aside and drain the water The purpose of water control is to cut the leeks into small pieces, because when the leeks are used for stuffing, it is easy to get out of water, and the package will also lose the umami taste, so first remove the water on the surface of the leaves.

Step 4 of the vegetarian three fresh steamed buns4.Wash the unsalted shrimp skin twice with water to remove the dirt on the surface Drain the water

Step 5 of the vegetarian three fresh steamed buns5.The next step is to mix the stuffing.When mixing the leek stuffing, you must pay attention not to mix them all together directly, but because the leeks are put in the oil first Use oil to lock the moisture of the leeks and the umami flavor, then add the shrimp skin, egg cubes and other seasonings and mix well

Step 6 of the vegetarian three fresh steamed buns6.The dough is also awakened.The awakened dough is softer and better than when it was just kneaded.Divide it into appropriate size.Roll the noodle into a disc, wrap it in a proper amount of leek stuffing, steam it in a pot under cold water and steam it for about 13 minutes, and you can taste it.

1 When making stuffing with chives, you must drain the water on the surface before When mixing the stuffing, add oil first to lock in its own umami flavor.Finally, mix it with other ingredients to make the stuffing.2.Choose the shrimp skin without salt first, so that when you adjust the stuffing, you won’t be able to decide how much salt you should put.In addition, there is no salt.Shrimp is healthier

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