Steamed elm money rice

Steamed elm money rice
Every time before and after the Qingming Festival, there is a bowl of elm money flowers blooming all over the mountains The fragrant Yuqian rice really feels like I am in spring
Main ingredients
  • A small amount of salt
  • A proper amount of Yuqian
  • Appropriate amount of corn flour

Step 1 of steaming elm rice1.Pick fresh elm from the elm tree

Step 2 of steaming elm money rice2.Wash twice with water to control the moisture p>

Step 3 of steamed elm money rice3.Add an appropriate amount of Salt

Step 4 of steaming elm money rice4.Pour in the right amount of cornmeal.If you like the meatiness, you can put more cornmeal.If you like the fragrance, add less.

Step 5 of steamed elm rice5.Make each elm evenly coated with cornmeal

Step 6 of steaming elm money rice6.Put it in a steamer and steam for ten minutes

Step 7 of steamed elm money rice7.You can eat it right out of the pot.It's full of fragrance

Step 8 of steaming elm money rice8.You can also add Laoganma soy bean chili oil or minced garlic according to your own taste

Don't steam it If the time is too long, it is easy to soften and water.

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