#Spring Food Wild Vegetable Fragrance# Mini Qingtuan

#Spring Food Wild Vegetable Fragrance# Mini Qingtuan
Li Shizhen advocates in the Compendium of Materia Medica that spicy and tender vegetables such as onion, garlic, leek, polygonum, mustard, etc. are mixed together The traditional food of spring, the Qingtuan, is just a good product that combines most of the ingredients. When the spring flowers are blooming, there are people who pick green everywhere in the roadside vegetable fields in the mountains and the hometown. Delicious taste with memory and strong nostalgia at home. Prepare a copy at home to make a mini youth league today. Children can also eat with confidence and don’t worry about accumulating food. One bite is fun and delicious.

#Spring Food Wild Vegetable Fragrance# Mini Qingtuan Step 11.Wash the tender leaves of wormwood, blanch them in boiling water, drain, squeeze out the water and let cool, then chop and set aside p>

#Spring Food Wild Vegetable Fragrant # Mini Qingtuan Practice Step 22.Add an appropriate amount of glutinous rice flour into the mugwort leaves and pour in warm water and stir until there is no dry powder.Repeatedly knead vigorously to make the mugwort and glutinous rice flour completely merged into a bright green dough, and then divide the dough into glutinous rice balls.

#Spring Food Wild Vegetable Fragrant # Mini Qingtuan Practice Step 33.Bean paste or spring bamboo shoots, pickled vegetables, minced meat, wrap it in a dough, roll it into a ball, put the rice dumpling leaves in the steamer

#Spring Food Wild Vegetable Fragrance# Mini Qingtuan Step 44.The Qingtuan is cooked after steaming for about 10 minutes

#Spring Food Wild Vegetable Fragrance# Mini GreenStep 55.Because the wormwood and the powder are completely integrated, the color is the thick green of the traditional green group.I like it just by looking at it.

1.When the wormwood is blanched in water, it can be Adding a little edible alkali or baking soda to the water can keep the finished product beautiful green.2.The green dough making process is complicated.Now the large vegetable market has begun to sell the good green dough noodles.Buying a pound is enough to make it better.3.After steaming, you can If you eat it directly, you can brush a layer of cooked oil to avoid sticking.4.The green balls with different fillings can be marked with different marks to show the difference.For example, pinch a sharp corner and use chopsticks to poke a small round hole.5.Make a big green ball Don't throw away the leftover scraps of rice dumplings and use it here just right

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