Spirulina Egg Soup

Spirulina Egg Soup
In the hot summer, I really need to make some light dishes. The soup is good and fragrant. It's so hot.
Main ingredients
  • A proper amount of Qianlixiang
  • Two eggs
  • Appropriate amount of ginger
  • Appropriate amount of oil
  • Appropriate amount of salt
  • Appropriate amount of white wine

Step 1 of Qianlixiang Egg Soup1.Wash the Qianlixiang all the buds and taste good.Ginger, minced and egg beat

Step 2 of Qianlixiang Egg Soup2.Add some water to the eggs in a hot oil pan, beat the eggs It is best to stir fry it when it is bubbling.

Scent of thyme Step 33.Stir it when it is not fully solidified.I think it's more tender.I don't need to fry it until yellow, but it's okay if you like it haha

Step 4 of Qianlixiang Egg Soup4.Add minced ginger and add appropriate amount of water to boil

Step 5 of Qianlixiang Egg Soup5.After boiling, add thyme and a little Liquor

Step 6 of Qianlixiang Egg Soup6.Boil it again and it's done.It's easy to cook and add the right amount of salt.

Step 7 of Qianlixiang Egg Soup7.Come to a bowl, it's refreshing and refreshing

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