Snow Top Peach Peach Berry Smoothie

Snow Top Peach Peach Berry Smoothie
Main ingredients
  • 1 peach
  • 1 pack of Fanjingshan Cuifeng green tea made by Tang Dynasty
  • 5 strawberries
  • A little cream
  • A little syrup
  • A little ice

The practice of snow top peach and peach berry smoothie Step 11.Wash the strawberries and peaches and cut them into pieces, put 1 tea bag in 300ml hot water and soak for 5 minutes

Step 2 of Snow Top Peach and Peach Berry Smoothie2.Put some ice cubes of the cut peaches and the brewed tea into the squeezer Squeeze the smoothie from the juicer and pour it into the cup

Snow top peach Step 3 of Peach Berry Smoothie3.Throw the strawberries into the smoothie at the end and squeeze for 2 seconds.After a long time, you won't see any strawberries

Step 4 of Snow Top Peach Peach Berry Smoothie4.Squeeze a little cream and fill the cup

Step 5 of Snow Top Peach Peach Berry Smoothie5.Sprinkle strawberries at the end Grain decoration

The practice of milk cap also gives you cream cheese 40g milk 50g sugar 20g salt 1g whipped cream 130g until thick and put in the refrigerator to refrigerate before taking it out

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