Snow chrysanthemum crystal jelly

Snow chrysanthemum crystal jelly
Kunlun snow chrysanthemum grows in places where no one lives at high altitudes, and some even grow on cliffs. Wild chrysanthemum grows on the snow line and has a short flowering period. Snow chrysanthemum blooms only once a year in August. It is one of the most popular health foods because of its remarkable three-high efficacy, color and fragrance. The origin of Kunlun snow chrysanthemum is located in Therefore, it is also called Kriyang Snow Chrysanthemum, and some people call it Iceberg Snow Chrysanthemum, Tianshan Snow Chrysanthemum, Kunlun Blood Chrysanthemum, etc. When I first saw Snow Chrysanthemum, I fell in love with it, but it is so expensive. Other varieties should be delicious. This time, I will use it to make a small dessert. This expensive thing should be used well.
Main ingredients
  • Snow chrysanthemum in moderation
    Main ingredients
    • Snow chrysanthemum
  • 15g fish gelatin powder
  • Appropriate amount of rock sugar
  • Water 600ml

Step 1 of snow chrysanthemum crystal jelly1.Dried snow chrysanthemum

Snow chrysanthemum crystal frozen Step 22.Isinglass powder rock sugar

Snow Step 3 of chrysanthemum crystal jelly3.Boil water in a pot and add rock sugar

Step 4 of making snow chrysanthemum crystal jelly4.After the rock sugar is melted, soak it in snow chrysanthemum to make the color

Step 5 of snow chrysanthemum crystal jelly5.Pour in isinglass powder and stir until completely melted.Put it on a plate and let it cool, then put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate Eat until curdled

Step 6 of snow chrysanthemum crystal jelly6.A cool and delicious summer dessert

Snow chrysanthemum and rock candy can be Increase or decrease according to personal preference

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