Scented Lotus White

Scented Lotus White
Lotus White, also known as cabbage and cabbage, often appears in home-cooked dishes, but it is generally used for soups Stir-fried and dried salted vegetables This fragrant glutinous rice lotus white belongs to the raw mix. The marinating time must be long enough to allow the aroma of the mashed glutinous rice to slowly penetrate into the dish. The dish must be sweet, fragrant and slightly spicy. It is definitely a killer of rice to enjoy slowly. The key to this dish is to make the mashed glutinous rice juice yourself. Of course, it is the best thing to do. You can go to the vegetable market to buy those that are packed in large cans and have a strong aroma of glutinous rice.
Main ingredients
  • Lotus White 500g
  • Melrose Coconut Oil 1g
  • Salt 5g
  • Sugar 10g
  • Moromi juice 20g
  • Millet spicy 30g

Step 1 of healthy and delicious fragrant lotus white1.Millet spicy chopped spare

Healthy and delicious glutinous rice Step 22.Wash the lotus white, cut it into silk and put it in a pot

Step 3 of the healthy and delicious fragrant lotus white3.Add salt to marinate the lotus white for more than 1 hour, and then squeeze out the water.

Step 4 of healthy and delicious fragrant lotus white4.Add spicy millet to white

Healthy and delicious fragrant lotus Step 55.Add sugar

Step 6 of healthy and delicious fragrant glutinous rice lotus white6.Add mashed glutinous rice juice

Step 7 of healthy and delicious fragrant lotus white7.Add Melrose coconut oil Mix well and eat it

Healthy and delicious fragrance Step 88.When eating, take some leftovers and put them in the refrigerator to eat for a few days.

The glutinous rice must be bottled in bulk, which is sold in the supermarket.The glutinous rice grains are inactivated by high temperature.This kind of glutinous rice glutinous rice grains tastes less lotus white and can also be replaced with other vegetarian dishes such as Chinese cabbage, carrots, sweet peppers, green bamboo shoots, mustard greens, etc.

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