Sauce Paella

Sauce Paella
Main ingredient
  • Fragrant Vegetables 400g
  • glutinous rice 200g
  • sauce meat 180g
  • rice 200g
  • a little chicken powder
  • a little salad oil
  • 2 spoons of lard
  • a little salt
  • 1 spoon of cooking wine

How to make paella with sauce 11.Wash and cut the local coriander into small pieces

Step 2 of the sauce paella2.Wash the marinated sauce pork with warm water and cut it into small pieces

Step 3 of the sauce paella3.First stir-fry the sauce pork until fragrant, add some cooking wine and set aside

Recipe Step 4 of Paella with Sauce4.Take the oil and fry the coriander for a while, add some salt Set aside for seasoning

Step 5 of sauce paella5.Wash the glutinous rice and put it into the rice cooker to cook

Step 6 of the sauce paella6.Cook until the water is open, add the sauce and continue the cooking process

Recipe Step 7 of Paella with Sauce7.Cook until the water is drained and there are still 10 minutes left, and add the fried green vegetables

Step 8 of sauce paella8.Continue cooking process

Step 9 of sauce paella9.When time is up, add chicken powder and lard and mix well

Step 10 of the sauce paella10.Here's a bowl

I fry the vegetables and meat in advance or you can cook it directly in the rice cooker

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