Sago Fruit Dessert

Sago Fruit Dessert
The story behind the food Dessert is a kind of food that everyone likes when they go out. It can be paired with any fruit biscuits and bread. Not only is it easy to make the taste Well, you can also add a variety of vitamins. Today, I made a sago fruit dessert with sago and fruit. The taste is super delicious. It is better to act. Treating spleen and stomach weakness and indigestion, sago also has the function of restoring natural moisture to the skin
Main ingredients
  • Sago 130g
  • 15g sugar
for decoration
  • an appropriate amount of orange
  • an amount of strawberry
  • an amount of kiwi fruit
  • li>

Sago fruit dessert Step 11.Prepare ingredients

Simi Step 22.The Tanglin Wall Breaker has a heating function, adjust it to heating, wait for about 7 minutes, boil it to the boiling point, put in the sago until the sago has no hard core or boil it for about 3 minutes and simmer it in boiling water Take it out when it is transparent for a few minutes

Simi fruit dessert Step 33.Put it into cold boiled water and stir it up for adhesion

Step 4 of sago fruit dessert4.Then sieve

Step 5 of sago fruit dessert5.Add 15 grams of sugar to the sifted sago and stir well

Step 6 of sago fruit dessert6.Put the kiwifruit into the container, peeled and sliced ??and inserted around the container

Step 7 of sago dessert7.Put strawberries in the middle to decorate a cup of dessert and it's ready Enjoy it with your family

Step 8 of sago fruit dessert8.Finished picture 1

Simi fruit dessert Practice step 99.Finished picture 2

Simi Step 1010.Finished product picture 3

Warm tips for silk scarves can be replaced with any fruit, you can create any shape by yourself, sago can also add yogurt and fruit taste is also good

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