Rock-fired pancakes

Rock-fired pancakes
Main ingredients
  • Low-gluten flour 100g
  • 50g sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 egg yolk
  • Butter 20g

Step 11.Break an egg and a yolk into a bowl and add 50 grams of sugar

Step 2 of Iwa-yaki pancakes2.Beat with an electric egg beater

Step 3 of rock pancakes3.Add 20 grams of melted butter

Step 4 of Iwaki pancakes4.Mix well

Step 5 of Iwaki pancakes5.100 grams of low-gluten flour is added into egg batter twice Medium

Step 6 of Iwaki pancakes6.Mix evenly and put it in a piping bag

How to make rock pancakes Step 77.Line a baking pan with tarpaulin and squeeze into a 4cm diameter circle

Step 8 of Iwaki pancakes8.Sprinkle with black sesame seeds

Step 9 of Iwayaki pancakes9.Cover Add a layer of oiled paper

Step 10 of Iwa-yaki pancakes10.Use a flat-bottomed tool to flatten the oven and bake in advance at 120° for 12 minutes

Step 11 of Iwayaki Pancake11.Remove the oil paper and continue to bake at 120° for 12 minutes

Step 12 of Iwa-yaki pancakes12.It's ready

Step 13 of Iwayaki pancakes13.Eat well

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