Qiu Li paste

Qiu Li paste
I made this autumn pear paste for my baby without adding too much L Luo Han Guo
Main ingredient
  • 10kg of pears
  • 100g of rock sugar
  • 10g of Chuanbei powder
  • 1 Luo Han Guo
  • 15 dates

Step 1 of Qiu Li Paste1.Wash and peel the pears

Step 2 of Qiu Li Paste2.Grind it into raspberries

Step 3 of Qiu Li Paste3.Put the grinded raspberry in the pot with red dates and Luo Han Guo

Step 4 of Qiu Li Paste4.Boil on high heat, open and cool Filter out the water with a sparse cloth

Step 5 of Qiu Li Paste5.After filtering the remaining pear water, put it into the Chuanbei powder and boil it on a small fire

Step 6 of Qiu Li Paste6.At the end, use a spoon to keep stirring the pot to collect the juice

Step 7 of Qiu Li Paste7.Warm it and pour it into the bottle, it cools and it becomes a paste and can't be poured out

It takes 4 to 5 hours to boil it for a day, and there is a little left over Essence

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