Purple Rice Soy Milk

Purple Rice Soy Milk
Fragrant, silky and refreshing
Main ingredients
  • Purple Rice 20g
  • Soybean 20g
  • Appropriate amount of rock sugar

Practice Step 1 of Purple Rice Soy Milk1.Prepare high-quality fresh soybeans

Practice Step 2 of Purple Rice Soy Milk2.Add Purple Rice

Practice Step 3 of Purple Rice Soy Milk3.Rinse clean

Practice step 4 of purple rice soy milk4.Pour it into the wall breaker and put an appropriate amount of rock sugar

Step 5 of purple rice soy milk5.Add water to the marked line

Practice step 6 of purple rice soy milk6.Start soy milk mode

Practice Step 7 of Purple Rice Soy Milk7.Finished product

Use fresh soybean purple rice

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