Pork Belly with Cabbage

Pork Belly with Cabbage
Cauliflower is rich in dietary fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal motility and prevent constipation It can also enhance the digestive ability of the stomach and the cabbage also contains methionine, which has a certain effect of protecting the stomach. Let's learn it together
Main ingredients
  • Package Appropriate amount of vegetables
  • 100g pork belly
  • Appropriate amount of oil
  • Appropriate amount of salt
  • Appropriate amount of garlic
  • Appropriate amount of soy sauce

Step 1 of pork belly with cabbage1.Wash the cabbage and tear it into pieces by hand

Step 2 of pork belly with cabbage2.Sliced ??pork belly

Step 3 of pork belly with cabbage3.Chop garlic

Step 4 of cabbage and pork belly4.Burn the oil and add the pork belly to stir out the excess oil

The cabbage pork belly Step 55.Fry the pork belly until golden

Step 66.Add garlic and saute until fragrant

Step 7 of pork belly with cabbage7.Add the cabbage and stir fry it.

Step 8 of cabbage and pork belly8.Add appropriate amount of salt

Step 9 of cabbage and pork belly9.Light soy sauce

Step 10 of cabbage and pork belly10.The finished product is out of the pot

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