Plum vegetable fresh meat pie

Plum vegetable fresh meat pie
Main ingredient
  • Appropriate amount of flour
  • Appropriate amount of dried plums
  • Appropriate amount of pork
  • Appropriate amount of green onion
  • Appropriate amount of warm water
  • Appropriate amount of salt
  • Appropriate amount of oil
  • Appropriate amount of five spice powder
  • Appropriate amount of ginger powder
  • Appropriate amount of cooking wine

Meicai Fresh Meat Pie Step 11.Add warm water to flour and form a dough, wake up and knead several times for 30 minutes

Practice step 2 of fresh plum pie2.Soak, wash, mince pork and mince pork into mashed plums in advance

Step 3 of Fresh Meat Pie with Plum Vegetables3.Pour in the mashed meat and green onions and stir fry

Plum vegetable fresh meat Step 44.Add dried plums and vegetables, pour in cooking wine, five spice powder, ginger powder and stir well

Recipe Step 5 of Fresh Meat Pie with Plum Vegetables5.Season with salt when out of the pot

Recipe Step 6 of Fresh Meat Pie with Plum Vegetables6.Change the knives to the noodles after waking up

Method Step 7 of Fresh Meat Pie with Plum Vegetables7.Wrap the filling and flatten it into a cake shape

Step 8 of fresh meat pie with plum vegetables8.Put it on the electric baking pan in turn

Step 9 of Fresh Meat Pie with Plum Vegetables9.Fry until both sides are colored and then turn over several times

mei Steps 1010.Homemade Delicacy, please taste

Knead the noodles with warm water a few times

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