Plum Blossom Jelly

Plum Blossom Jelly
Do you really like to eat cool jelly in the hot summer? Do you like plum jelly?? If you like it, just follow me and watch Meimei's QQ. Do you feel more refreshed??
Main ingredients
  • Cranberry 30g
  • white jelly powder 25
  • water 500g
  • white sugar 30

Plum jelly Step 11.Prepare cranberry white jelly

Plum jelly steps 22.White jelly 25g

Step 3 of plum jelly3.Dissolve it with water

Practice Step 4 of Plum Blossom Jelly4.Boil 500 grams of water and add sugar to dissolve

Step 5 of plum jelly5.Slowly pour the jelly into the boiling water and keep stirring with chopsticks

Step 6 of plum jelly6.Make it transparent

Step 7 of plum jelly7.Put cranberries in the grinder and pour in the jelly, refrigerate for a few hours

Step 8 of plum jelly8.You can also eat it directly after you get it out of the mold

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