Oil-free Chocolate Steamed Cake

Oil-free Chocolate Steamed Cake
A few days ago, Mr. Liu said that he often eats the food I made and the weight is rising and he wants to lose weight In the beginning, it was for the family to eat healthier food, and then I fell into the baking pit step by step, but now it has become a sweet burden, so I began to think about making some steamed food, but I didn’t expect the steamed cake to be like a delicious oil-free chocolate cake. Steamed healthy
Main ingredients
  • 2 eggs
  • low-gluten flour 180g
  • cocoa powder 20g
  • Baking Powder 5g
  • Ice Sugar A30g
  • Ice Sugar B50g
  • Milk 200g
  • Chocolate Beans 50g

How to make oil-free chocolate steamed cake step 11.Separate the egg yolk and white into an oil-free and water-free egg beater.Add milk and powdered sugar to the egg yolk.Use manual Whisk the egg beater continuously until the powdered sugar melts and there is a layer of fine foam on the surface

Step 2 of oil-free chocolate steamed cake2.Mix low-gluten flour cocoa powder and baking powder evenly and sieve once

How to make oil-free chocolate steamed cake step 33.Sieve the flour into the egg yolk paste, draw a Z shape with a manual egg beater, and mix well

Step 4 of oil-free chocolate steamed cake4.Add chocolate chips and mix well.

Oil-free chocolate steamed cake Step 55.Powdered sugar B divided 3Add it to the egg whites and beat until it is dry and foamy.Lift the whisk, it is a short and small hook.

Step 6 of oil-free chocolate steamed cake6.First add 1/3 of the meringue to the cocoa batter and mix well with a spatula

Step 7 of oil-free chocolate steamed cake7.Pour back into the meringue and continue to mix Evenly

Step 8 of oil-free chocolate steamed cake 8.Learn to cook's 6-cup non-stick Yorkshire cake mold with paper cups

Step 9 of oil-free chocolate steamed cake9.Divide the cake batter evenly into 6 molds and sprinkle chocolate chips on the surface

How to make oil-free chocolate steamed cake step 1010.Put it into the Whirlpool ES-58M2 steaming oven pure steaming mode 110℃18 minutes (if there is no steaming oven, use the steamer to boil the water, then put the cake batter in medium heat and heat it for 18 minutes and then simmer for 5 minutes)

Step 11 of oil-free chocolate steamed cake11.After steaming the cake, simmer for 2-3 minutes, then take it out and put it on the grill to cool

Step 12 of oil-free chocolate steamed cake12.Serve hot It is also excellent to eat.

1 The eggbeater for the egg whites must be oil-free, water-free and egg yolk-free2If you are using a steamer, you must wrap the plastic wrap before steaming, otherwise the water vapor will fall on the surface of the cake and cause the surface to be wet.Heat for 18 minutes and then simmer for 5 minutes.

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