Norwegian Christmas cookies

Norwegian Christmas cookies
Norwegians celebrate Christmas just like Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year. I can feel the festive atmosphere of Norway in the description. Christmas is coming soon. Follow Sister Hong to learn how to make traditional Norwegian food. Christmas biscuits. Enjoy exotic food beautifully on Christmas Eve. Sister Hong said that there are as many as seven kinds of Norwegian Christmas desserts. Slow cooking Today, I will make this Christmas cookie called Sand Cake because it uses a lot of almond flour and it tastes a little rusty. The production process is the same as that of the tarts. The recipe is a little different. The biscuits are crispy in the mouth because of the addition of almonds, which are very fragrant and accompanied by a rustling sound. This may be the origin of the sand cake. Squeeze a little cream cheese and eat it. The salty cream cheese has its unique lactic acid flavor and eat it together It's no exaggeration to let you eat this throat and still think about the next one
Main ingredients
  • 25g butter
  • fine sugar 25 grams
  • 20 grams of whole egg liquid
  • 77 grams of low-gluten flour
  • 31 grams of almond flour
  • Appropriate amount of cream cheese

Step 1 of Norwegian Christmas Cookies1.Put almonds in the food processor

Step 2 of Norwegian Christmas cookies2.Crush into powder

Step 3 of Norwegian Christmas cookies3.Take out the butter from the refrigerator and soften it naturally, add sugar and beat with a whisk

Step 4 of Norwegian Christmas Biscuits4.Add egg liquid a little at a time.Add one time and stir well until the egg liquid and butter are completely combined and then add the next time

Step 5 of Norwegian Christmas biscuits5.Don't think it's such a hassle, so add less egg mixture and beat until it's blended quickly Too much is not easy to fight

Step 6 of Norwegian Christmas cookies6.Sift flour and almond flour into a container

Step 7 of Norwegian Christmas Biscuits7.Mix well with a rubber spatula until there is no dry powder

Step 8 of Norwegian Christmas Biscuits8.Put it in a plastic bag and knead it with your hands

Norwegian Christmas biscuits step 99.It takes at least 2 hours if the long strips are put in the refrigerator to refrigerate overnight.

Step 10 of Norwegian Christmas cookies10.Take out the long strips 8 equal portions, about 22 grams each.

Norwegian Christmas cookies Step 1111.Spread a thin layer of butter on the tower mold

Step 12 of Norwegian Christmas Cookies12.Take a small piece of dough and put it into the mold

Step 13 of Norwegian Christmas cookies13.Use disposable gloves to press the dough into the mold

Step 14 of Norwegian Christmas Biscuits14.Do everything in order

Step 15 of Norwegian Christmas cookies15.Small fork Some holes to prevent the bottom from bulging into the pan

Norwegian Christmas cookies Step 1616.Put it in the oven preheated to 180 degrees and bake for about 18 minutes

Step 17 of Norwegian Christmas Biscuits17.Put it on a rack to cool off after it's baked

Step 18 of Norwegian Christmas biscuits18.Finished product

Xiaoyingzi said:1.Mixed dough Generally, it needs to be refrigerated overnight.Only in this way will the taste be good.2.The molds that are not non-stick must be brushed with oil to be easily taken out.I use a piece of frozen butter to rub a few circles in the mold and leave traces of butter on the mold.It can be used for anti-sticking purposes without being too much smeared.3.Almond flour is better if it is ready-made.It is not like I use almond flakes to make powder.

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