Mushroom and Pork Balls

Mushroom and Pork Balls
Main ingredients
  • four catties of pork
  • ten mushrooms (dried)
  • a small amount of cornstarch
  • eggs Two
  • serving 5 peopleaccessories
  • appropriate amount of salt
  • two spoons of oyster sauce
  • two shallots
  • Step step.


    Soak the pork with mushrooms Wash clean

    step step.


    pork go Chop the skin into minced meat, shiitake mushrooms, chop and mix together, add salt, oyster sauce, cornstarch, eggs, chopped green onion and stir in one direction

    step step.


    Boil a pot of water and then turn to low heat

    Step step.


    The time to boil the water can make the balls and the water can be boiled, and then the balls can be placed under low heat

    Step step.


    Slowly cook the meatballs over low heat It's familiar.

    Step step.


    Take it out and it is cooked, you can eat it directly or put it in the refrigerator to freeze it.Usually take it out to cook vegetables and soup.

    The finished picture of mushroom pork balls
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