Mulberry paste

Mulberry paste
Blood and kidney
Main ingredients
  • Mulberry 1000g
  • 100g wolfberry
  • 100g red dates
  • Appropriate amount of handmade brown sugar

Step 1 of mulberry paste1.Wash the picked mulberries in clean water and then drain the water

2.Remove the blue stems on the head of the mulberries, otherwise it will affect the taste

3.Take a clay casserole that is usually used for soup, pour the filtered mulberries into the casserole and press it with a spoon, you can see the mulberry juice comes out

4.Then turn to a small fire

Step 5 of mulberry paste 5.Boil for about 1.5 hours, turn off the heat, cool down and bottle the juice

Step 6 of the mulberry paste6.The boiled mulberries are sweet and sour and can be eaten alone or spread on the bread

While boiling, it should be stirred from time to time to prevent the bottom of the pot from sticking.There is no need to add additional water during the whole process, otherwise the juice will splash out

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