Milk peanuts

Milk peanuts
Milk + peanuts is a delicious and nutritious breakfast drink. As for whether it should be called milk peanuts or peanut milk, we have also answered the question. Personally think that peanuts with milk added are milk peanuts, that is, milk less peanuts. The milk with more peanuts is peanut milk, which means less peanuts and more milk, so I added a small amount of milk to more peanuts, it should be milk peanuts. In fact, whether it is peanut milk milk or milk peanuts, it is very delicious. It is also very nutritious. There is no need to care about who has more and who is less. Add more and more.
Main ingredients
  • 150 grams of peanuts
  • 300 grams of water
  • Appropriate amount of milk

How to make milk peanuts step 11.Soak the peanuts in clean water overnight and put them in the refrigerator in summer.

Step 2 of milk peanuts2.Install a beautiful juicer

Step 3 of milk peanuts3.Start switch

Step 4 of milk peanuts4.Mix the soaked peanuts with water Scoop into the feeding port in stages

Step 5 of milk peanuts5.Squeeze into peanut juice

Step 6 of milk peanuts6.The peanut juice squeezed by the fine mesh I used is very delicate

Step 7 of milk peanuts7.Pour it into a small milk pot and boil it, then add an appropriate amount of milk and mix it well Add some sugar

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