Love elbows

Love elbows
When children are growing, parents always want to Make them something delicious to make them thrive
Main ingredients
  • 1 pork knuckle
  • Appropriate amount of onion
  • Appropriate amount of pepper aniseed
  • Appropriate amount of rock sugar
  • Appropriate amount of ginger
  • Appropriate amount of garlic

I love to eat elbows Step 11.Bake the fresh pork knuckle with a blowtorch and soak it in water for 2 hours to scrape off the black leather and clean it

How to eat elbows step 22.Deboning the middle bones of pork elbows

Step 3 of how to eat elbows3.Cut into pieces and blanch

Step 4 of how to eat elbows4.Put oil in a pot, add rock sugar and blanch Stir fry the meat, add onion ginger garlic pepper aniseed, heat water and simmer for 40 minutes

Step 5 of how to eat elbows5.The two children in the family are very full after collecting the soup and making the pot

1 The pork elbow must be fresh and the skin must be fresh Bake it to remove the muddy smell 2 put the right amount of rock sugar according to personal taste

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