Korean-style fried rice cake with sauerkraut

Korean-style fried rice cake with sauerkraut
I was lucky to get a trial of the water mill rice cake from the Gourmet Jiebawang supermarket. After receiving it, I made a fried rice cake and finished it. The rice cake Q is soft, glutinous and not sticky. Today's fried rice cake is seasoned with Korean chili sauce, with sauerkraut. The Korean chili itself is not very spicy, but slightly sweet. It is the perfect match. After frying, the sour, spicy and sweet are just right, and the rice cake is also very delicious after absorbing the soup, because I also added a little cooked pork belly. It is really satisfying to eat the sour, spicy, soft and waxy rich taste and texture
Main ingredients
  • 150 grams of rice cakes
  • 200 grams of sour cabbage
  • 80g cooked pork belly
  • 3 servingsAccessories
  • 1 spoon of Korean spicy sauce
  • 50g onion
  • Appropriate amount of garlic
  • Step step.


    This is the Yongmi Remembrance Rice Cake provided by Bawang Supermarket

    Step by step.


    Rinse the sour cabbage with water and filter the water for use.The sour cabbage I use is not salty.If the sour cabbage is salty, you can rinse it with more water so that it is not too salty

    Step step.


    Cut the rice cake first and then into thin slices

    Step step.


    Put a little oil in the pot and slice the pork belly For stir-frying, I happened to have cooked pork belly at home, so I used cooked or raw

    step step.


    Fry the meat until the oil comes out, add minced garlic and onion and stir fry until fragrant

    Step step.


    Put a spoonful of Korean hot sauce

    Step step.


    Fry until it turns red oil

    Step step.


    Add 1 small bowl of boiling water

    Step step.


    Add pickled cabbage

    step step.


    Put in the rice cake slices

    Step step.


    After the fire is boiled, the sauce and the soup will be reduced.

    The finished product of Korean style fried rice cake with sauerkraut Figure
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