Kaifeng Rose Cake

Kaifeng Rose Cake
Make a rose cake for the Chinese New Year to give the family a happy and sweet rose
Main ingredients legend>
  • Appropriate amount of low-gluten flour
  • Appropriate amount of eggs
  • Appropriate amount of milk powder
  • Appropriate amount of sugar

Step 1 of Kaifeng Rose Cake1.If you don't have low-gluten flour, you can use ordinary flour and cornstarch in a ratio of 51.

How to make Kaifeng rose cake step 22.Add the whole egg liquid and sugar and pass it first

Step 3 of Kaifeng Rose Cake3.Add a little milk powder to the beaten egg to increase the texture

Step 4 of Kaifeng Rose Cake4.Add the flour and turn it from bottom to top carefully

Kaifeng rose cake Step 55.Pour the mixed egg mixture into the cake mold oven at 180 degrees, preheat it for 5 minutes, put it in, and bake it for 30 minutes.

Step 6 of Kaifeng rose cake6.After baking, take it out and let it cool and unmold

Step 7 of Kaifeng rose cake7.Finished product

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