jellyfish head mixed with celery

jellyfish head mixed with celery
jellyfish tastes sweet and salty and calms the lungs, liver and kidneys The meridian has the effect of clearing heat, resolving phlegm, eliminating accumulation, moisturizing the intestines, laxative, yin deficiency, lung dryness, lipid-lowering and lowering blood pressure; Xuanfei Jianwei Li serum intestines facilitates lungs, moistens lungs, relieves cough, lowers blood pressure, invigorates brain and calms function, especially suitable for hypertensive arteriosclerosis and hyperglycemia patients.
Main ingredients
  • Instant jellyfish head 300g
  • celery 500g
  • 1 tbsp Wei Damei soy sauce
  • 1 rice vinegar Tablespoon
  • 1 teaspoon of sesame oil
  • appropriate amount of ginger
  • appropriate amount of salt

Step 1 of jellyfish head mixed with celery1.Ingredients instant jellyfish head celery ginger flavor Damei soy sauce sesame oil rice vinegar Salt

Step 2 of mixing jellyfish head with celery2.Wash the celery and cut the celery stalks into three-centimeter-long segments.Cut the celery leaves into two pieces.

Step 3 of mixing jellyfish head with celery3.3 Open the pot and add the celery stems and leaves to swirl

Step 4 of mixing jellyfish head with celery4.The cold water must be cold boiled water or pure water too cold

Step 5 of mixing celery with jellyfish head5.Put it in a sieve to control the water

Step 6 of mixing jellyfish head with celery6.Put jellyfish head in purified water for later use

Step 7 of mixing celery with jellyfish head7.Mince the ginger and put it in a bowl and pour in Wei Damei soy sauce rice vinegar Mix well with sesame oil and salt for later use

Step 8 of mixing jellyfish head with celery8.Put the celery jellyfish head into the container

Step 9 of mixing celery with jellyfish head/1/2PMkh9lKF3_87580.jpg10.Put it on a plate.

Effect of mixing jellyfish with celery The apigenin contained in celery can lower blood pressure and affect the central nervous system The effect of nerves is beneficial to patients with hypertension.Celery also contains apigenine, which can stretch vascular smooth muscle and prevent vascular disease.

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