Iced Crayfish in Braised Sauce

Iced Crayfish in Braised Sauce
Crayfish has a high protein content and the meat is soft and easy to digest. An excellent food, crayfish can also be used as medicine, which can reduce phlegm and relieve cough, and promote the healing of wounds after surgery. It is also a weapon for friends to have dinner. The crayfish that can't be free will help us to give up the bad habit of playing mobile phones during meal time, which greatly improves our friends. This is also the deeper reason why crayfish has become the king of supper
Main ingredients
  • crayfish 1kg
  • cooking wine 30ml
  • Appropriate amount of green onion
  • 1L of bitter brine
  • Appropriate amount of ginger

Step 1 of the practice of braised frozen crayfish1.Crayfish 1kg? Cooking wine 30ml? Green onion and ginger?.jpg"alt="The practice step 2"/>2.Use a small brush to clean the crayfish or put it in the Fangtai dishwasher for automatic cleaning, then take it out and put it in the steaming tray, put onion and ginger sprinkle with appropriate amount Cooking wine

Step 3 of the method of braised frozen crayfish 3.Cover with a non-porous steaming tray to prevent the crayfish from running out of the Fangtai steaming box, adjust the steaming box to normal steaming mode, preheat to 100°C, put it in the steaming tray, set it for 15 minutes, steam for 5 minutes, take out the non-perforated steaming tray and continue to steam for 10 minutes That's it

Step 4 of the practice of braised iced crayfish4.Take out the lobster and cool it down a bit, then put it into a deep bowl and pour in the marinated crayfish

The making of the frozen crayfishStep 55.Put it in the refrigerator for more than 2 hours to taste the best.

The practice step 6 of the braised frozen crayfish6.Done

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