How to eat butter three-cup duck recipe sharing~

How to eat butter three-cup duck recipe sharing~
Everyone knows that butter is indispensable for many western-style pastries, desserts, soups and other dishes Many friends also like to use butter to spread bread directly, but in fact, butter is not only suitable for Western food, but also can be perfectly integrated with our Chinese dishes. Today, I will introduce a Chinese recipe for cooking with butter.
Main ingredients
  • Duck Leg 800g
  • Presidential Butter 50g
  • Light Soy Sauce 40g
  • 10g soy sauce
  • 100g rice wine
  • 10g ginger
  • 10g garlic
  • 10g nine-story tower

1.Debone the duck and cut it into small pieces, add 10g light soy sauce and 50g rice wine and marinate for 20 minutes

2.Heat the presidential butter in the pot Melt the duck leg meat, fry the duck skin side down, turn it over and add in the ginger garlic dark soy sauce and the remaining light soy sauce rice wine, then pour in 100ml of water and cook for ten minutes on low heat

3.Stir fry over high heat After you have tried various brands, I found that the quality of the President's butter is the best.The taste is more mellow and rich.The President's butter is the best French high-quality milk source.The quality is outstanding and the milk is pure and fragrant.Their butter rolls are all fermented butters.After a special fermentation process, the president butter has a longer-lasting and richer flavor than ordinary butter.The sour flavor of fermented butter is very characteristic.The soft texture at room temperature makes fermented butter very easy to spread.Melt-in-your-mouth President is a top French brand established in 1968.Its products are sold to more than 160 countries around the world.In addition to Butter President, it also produces a series of dairy products such as cream cheese to meet our daily cooking needs.It has also been favored by many professional chefs.

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