Homemade Teochew Rice Rolls

Homemade Teochew Rice Rolls
Mid-autumn Festival is coming, the most missed thing is the night of worshiping ancestors at home and worshipping the moon after dinner Scenario Sitting at the door chatting, drinking kung fu tea or eating raisins, it's cool and comfortable, but this year, I have two days off and I won't be able to ask for leave. I'm far away from Guangzhou, and I can't make it back to work the next day on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, dear I also went back and spent the Mid-Autumn Festival alone in a different place. It was really unspeakable bitterness, so I changed my way to make myself a little bit happier. Thinking about the food I miss most every day from college to graduation, besides the food my parents made, Chaoshan’s Kuay Teow Chee-cheong Fun is here. There is no other company in Guangzhou that can make rice rolls like the ones made at home. Today, I made rice rolls on a whim. There are no copper plates and only two small plates. It’s a bit ugly. Fortunately, the taste is still there~

Step 1 of homemade Chaoshan rice rolls 1.Mince the lean meat into a puree, add salt chicken essence and cornstarch and chop well

2.Beat the eggs well

Step 3 of homemade Chaoshan rice rolls3.Wash the mushrooms in water and chop them with garlic to make the sauce

Step 4 of Homemade Teochew Rice Noodles4.Dip the rice noodles with water and mix well.Bubble

Step 5 of homemade Chaoshan rice rolls 5.Fry garlic and shiitake mushrooms in a pan with oil and add soy sauce to make sauce

Step 6 of homemade Chaoshan rice rolls6.Add water to the pot, put it on the steaming rack, brush oil, pour in a small amount of rice flour paste, turn it to every corner and put it in order After the water boils, the pork, vegetables and eggs are put into the pot and steamed, cover the lid, and in the same way, prepare the other plate and wait for the pot to be steamed.="https://img-cdn.bluepurple.cn/meishi/mstx/8/2PHysyk2vj_1231549.jpg"alt="Step 7 of Homemade Teochew Rice Rolls"/>7.Every time you steam it, it's like this

Step 8 of homemade Chaoshan rice rolls8.In this way

Step 9 of homemade Chaoshan rice rolls9.This is the final result.

Before steaming, brush the plate with oil for about a minute or two each time.

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