Heart to Heart Bread

Heart to Heart Bread
To be successful in making bread, first, the dough must be kneaded well, and the glove film must be kneaded before making the bread, which will naturally be softer, more delicate and more silky The second is to ferment well and enough time is needed. The fermented dough is elastic and it will be very full when baked. Third, the baking temperature and time should be mastered. Today’s bread should be baked for about 8 minutes if the color is distinct. Cover it with tin foil according to the situation. Oh
Main ingredients
  • 300 grams of high-gluten flour
  • 1 egg
  • 166 grams of milk
  • li>
  • sugar 48g
  • salt 3g
  • yeast 4g
  • 30 grams of butter
  • 9 grams of cocoa powder
  • 10 grams of warm water

Step 1 of heart-to-heart bread1.First, prepare the ingredients you need to accurately weigh them

Step 2 of heart-to-heart bread2.Knead the dough Beautiful glove film, put milk and eggs into the Changdi kitchen machine first, then add sugar and salt, then add high-gluten flour and yeast to knead into dough, then put the softened butter at room temperature and knead until fully expanded.

Step 3 of Heart Dependent Bread3.Low temperature in Changdi cooker Fermentation for 1 hour

Step 4 of heart-to-heart bread 4.The volume of the fermented dough is twice the original size.Poke a hole in the middle with your hand and will not shrink or collapse.

Step 5 of heart-to-heart bread5.TakeDivide the dough into 2 equal parts cocoa powder and mix with warm water to make a paste

Step 66.One of the dough is divided into 5 equal parts and the other dough is added with cocoa batter and kneaded into cocoa dough and divided into 5 parts

Step 7 of heart-to-heart bread7.Take a primary color dough and roll it into a disc to wrap the cocoa dough

Step 8 of heart-to-heart bread8.Roll out into a long strip

Step 9 of Heart-to-Heart Bread9.Then Fold in half along the long axis and then in half along the short axis

Step 10 of heart-to-heart bread10.Use a scraper to cut the head from the middle and connect the cut parts to form a heart shape

Step 11 of heart-to-heart bread11.Make the rest of the dough in sequence or wrap it with cocoa dough The method of living the original color dough is the same

The practice step 12 of heart-to-heart bread12.Put a bowl of hot water in the Changdi oven for secondary fermentation

The practice step 13 of heart-to-heart bread13.The fermented dough is twice the original size.Before baking, you can brush a layer of egg wash on the surface.Of course, you can also brush without brushing.I didn't brush.

Step 14 of Heart Dependent Bread14.Preheat the oven The upper and lower fire and the middle layer are baked at 185 degrees for about 20 minutes.

1 The toast has high requirements for kneading the dough.The tissue of the glove film must be kneaded to make it delicate.This bread is also possible without kneading the glove film.2 Cocoa powder is required Use warm water to adjust, otherwise it will agglomerate and it will not be easy to stir evenly.3.Bake in the oven for about 8 minutes.It is best to cover with tin foil so that the color of the surface of the bread will be more distinct.

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