Ham sausage and cowpea pancake

Ham sausage and cowpea pancake
main ingredient
  • 130g flour
  • 65g cowpea
  • 60g ham sausage
  • appropriate amount of salt
  • Appropriate amount of five spice powder

Step 1 of ham sausage and cowpea pancakes1.The ingredients flour cowpea has been cleaned and boiled and cooked ham sausage

Step 2 of the ham sausage and cowpea pancake2.Put the cowpea on the chopping board and chop the ham sausage, remove the packaging and chop it

Step 3 of ham, sausage and cowpea pancakes3.Mix in flour and add an appropriate amount salt

Practice step 4 of ham sausage and cowpea pancakes 4.Add an appropriate amount of allspice

The practice of ham, sausage and cowpea pancakes Step 55.Add an appropriate amount of warm water

ham sausage Cowpea Pancake Step 66.Mix well

How to make ham sausage and cowpea pancakes77.Then take a pan and put oil on the fire, pour in the batter and spread it evenly

Step 8 of ham and cowpea pancakes8.Fry until golden on both sides

Step 9 of ham and cowpea pancakes9.Then cut it on a chopping board

Step 10 of ham and cowpea pancakes10.Put it on a plate and eat it

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