Garlic beef ribs

Garlic beef ribs
Main ingredients
  • The right amount of beef bones
  • the right amount of onion
  • the right amount of garlic
  • the right amount of green pepper
  • Appropriate amount of red pepper
  • Appropriate amount of salt
  • Appropriate amount of oil
  • Appropriate amount of soy sauce
  • appropriate amount of oyster sauce
  • appropriate amount of sugar
  • appropriate amount of dark soy sauce
  • appropriate amount of cooking wine
  • appropriate amount of water starch

The practice of garlic-flavored beef ribs Step 11.Chop the beef bones into small pieces, add salt, dark soy sauce, cooking wine, cornstarch oil, mix well and marinate for half an hour

Step 2 of Garlic Cowboy Bone2.Heat 50% of the oil in the pan, add the cowboy bone and fry slowly until slightly browned, remove and control the oil

Step 3 of Garlic Cowboy Bone3.Pour in green Pass the red pepper and onion in the oil to control the oil

Garlic beef ribs Step 44.Leave the bottom oil in the pan and sauté minced garlic until fragrant, pour in cowboy bone, pepper and onion, stir fry evenly, add salt, soy sauce, oil consumption, sugar and continue to stir fry

Step 5 of Garlic Cowboy Bone5.Finally, add some water and starch to thicken and serve.

Step 6 of Garlic Cowboy Bone6.Loading

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