Gansu charcoal grilled lamb kebab

Gansu charcoal grilled lamb kebab
It's barbecue season now in the wild It is our honor and joy for our family members to eat healthy food made by us. The smiles on their faces are as bright as flowers.
Main ingredients
  • Sheep Ham meat 2000g
  • 30g soy sauce
  • 10g cooking wine
  • 50g pepper
  • li>
  • 250g onion
  • vegetable oil 500g
  • Xinjiang Cumin BBQ Sprinkler 500g
  • 1 bag of Nande BBQ King
  • 100g of fine chili noodles
  • 100g of edible salt
  • 250g of honey paste

1.Cut the mutton into thickness first 0.5 cm in size 1-2 cm in small pieces

Gansu charcoal Step 22.Put the shredded mutton into a container, cut an onion into pieces, add cooking wine, light soy sauce and pepper to the meat and start marinating the mutton for at least half an hour

Step 3 of Gansu charcoal grilled lamb skewers3.When the marinating time is up, skewer the meat with four pieces of thin meat on the meat piercer.If you add a piece of fat, the fat should not be too much.Otherwise, it will be easy to get oily and oily when grilling.If the charcoal catches fire, other meat will be burnt.

4.Start the barbecue and wait for the charcoal to burn for half an hour.It looks good and the charcoal has white ash.It starts to smoke after this time.

5.Put the skewered meat on Flip up and down on the grill for a few minutes and wait for the meat to change color.First, use a brush to lightly brush the honey paste on the other side.Brush the honey paste evenly up and down.Just brush this time.

Step 6 of Gansu charcoal grilled mutton skewers6.After brushing the honey paste, it is crucial to turn the grill for half a minute Pour the vegetable oil into a small bowl and continue to brush the vegetable oil.Be sure to brush evenly and brush in place.

7.Then continue to grill slowlySprinkle the prepared barbecue seasoning on the meat

8.Seeing that the skewer is a little dry, continue to brush the vegetable oil once and sprinkle lightly in the barbecue seasoning

9.The skewer is still Turn it over in time, and lightly sprinkle the rice with salt and chili noodles.It looks almost cooked.Add the appropriate amount according to personal taste.We usually make our own skewers in ten minutes.

Step 10 of Gansu charcoal grilled mutton skewers10.The last thing is to eat the grilled mutton skewers that are tender and delicious.I caught up with the kebabs in the barbecue shop.Beer and mutton kebabs are my favorites.I hope you like it too.If there are comrades who grill it according to my method and it is really delicious, please give me a thumbs up.

Home BBQ The key to mutton skewers is that the charcoal fire should not be turned over too much.Don’t set it on fire and scorched it in time.Brush vegetable oil in time.Generally, you need to brush a handful of meat with oil 3-5 times.It also depends on the fatness of the meat.Brush the oil and honey paste and start brushing once, and then sprinkle the topping according to personal taste

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