Frost broad beans

Frost broad beans
Frost broad beans snacks can be carried easily when going out to play, and broad beans are rich in nutrients

Step 1 of frosting broad beans1.Soak dried broad beans overnight in advance

How to make frosted broad beans 22.Cook it in a pot

Frosting Step 3 of the practice of broad beans3.Drain the water

Step 4 of Frosted Broad Beans4.Fry broad beans in the pot

Step 5 of Frosted Broad Beans5.Deep-fried and fished out

Step 6 of Frosted Broad Beans6.Put a spoonful of sugar in the pot and fry it on low heat

Step 7 of frosted broad bean7.Quickly stir fry the broad bean powder and turn off the heat

Step 8 of frosted broad beans8.Let each grain be covered with sugar juice

Step 9 of frosted broad beans9.Loading the plate

The taste of broad beans can be adjusted by yourself

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