Fried dried celery

Fried dried celery
Fried dried celery is a very common home-cooked dish on the family dinner table, with a unique flavor It is very popular with housewives because of its good taste and fresh taste. It is mainly simple and nutritious. It takes less than ten minutes to make. No, I have to cook for my family, which is both nutritious and simple and delicious. This dish is especially suitable for office workers. It can save a lot of time. At the same time, fried celery has the effect of lowering blood pressure and clearing liver fire. I add some tempeh every time I cook it. In terms of nutrients, celery is rich in dietary fiber carotene and B vitamins, and the content of minerals such as calcium and phosphorus is also high; dried fragrant dry is rich in protein, vitamins, AB vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, etc. Nutrient elements have high nutritional value
Main ingredients
  • Appropriate amount of celery
  • Appropriate amount of dried fragrant dried beans
  • Appropriate amount of tempeh
  • Appropriate amount of red pepper
  • Appropriate amount of oil
  • Appropriate amount of salt
  • flavor Appropriate amount of fresh grade
  • Appropriate amount of chicken essence

Step 1 of stir-frying dried celery1.Materials//"alt="Step 2 of stir-frying dried parsley"/>2.Remove the leaves, wash and cut the red pepper, wash and cut Silk

Step 3 of stir-frying dried celery3.Wash the dried fragrant and cut it into strips

The steps of frying the dried celery 44.Heat the oil in the pot at 70%, add tempeh and fry until fragrant

Step 5 of stir-frying dried celery5.Add fragrant dried red peppers

Step 6 of stir-frying parsley6.Stir fry evenly

Step 7 of stir-fried parsley7.Add parsley

Step 8 of stir-frying dried celery8.Stir-fry with salt

Step 9 of stir-frying dried celery9.Seasoned fresh chicken essence

Step 10 of stir-frying dried celery10.Fire Stir fry evenly out of the pot

The celery can't be fried for a long time.It's too old, but it's not delicious.If you want to eat peppers, you can put small peppers.This kind of bell pepper is not spicy and the tempeh tastes very delicious

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