Crispy radish

Crispy radish
grandmother's taste
main ingredients
  • 1 white radish
  • salt 15g
  • white vinegar 30ml
  • Sugar 25g

Crispy Radish Step 11.Prepare ingredients

Step 2 of Crispy Radish2.Wash the radish and cut it into about 0.4 cm thick slices with a scallop knife

Step 3 of crispy radish3.Finished product

Crispy radish step 44.Put salt in a large bowl, add mineral water and stir until the salt melts and the water does not hold the radish, then put the radish into the radish and soak it for 5-8 Drain the brine for hours

Step 5 of crispy radish5.Take out the radish and squeeze some water

How to make crispy radish Step 66.Change to a large bowl, add sugar and white vinegar, then add mineral water that does not hold the radish, stir evenly, add the radish and steep for 24 hours

Step 7 of Crispy Radishes7.Take out the radishes and squeeze the water and tear them into pieces.

Step 8 of Crispy Radish8.Works display

Step 9 of crispy radish9.Works display

Step 10 of crispy radish10.Works display

Step 11 of Crispy Radish11.Works display

The amount of sugar and vinegar can be adjusted according to your favorite taste

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