Crispy bread

Crispy bread
Bread and toast that are not well made can be cut into small cubes so that they can be baked and stored in an airtight container

Crispy bread step 11.Slice the toast overnight and cut it well with a kitchen knife

How to make bread crispy step 22.Cut into small cubes and cut into larger ones, the baking time will be longer

How to make bread crispy step 33.Melt the butter and heat in water

Crispy bread step 44.Put the diced toast in a fresh-keeping bag

Crispy bread step 55.Pour in butter and shake as much as possible Dip some butter if you don't like more butter, just dip it in less

bread Step 66.Pour the buttered toast into the baking pan, sprinkle with sugar, and spread evenly

Crispy bread step 77.Oven 150 degrees and 20 minutes, I'm used to roasting it in the middle, and I'm used to roasting it with the remaining temperature.It can also be slow roasted at a low temperature.

After a few minutes, it will not be darkened after a few minutes

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