coriander mixed with fungus

coriander mixed with fungus
black fungus is rich in plant collagen, which has a strong adsorption effect on unintentional food. Indigestible hair, husk, wood slag, sand, metal chips and other foreign bodies also have the effect of dissolving and oxidizing. Often eating black fungus can clean up the digestive tract, clear the stomach and clean the intestines, especially for ore mining, metallurgy, cement, haircutting, flour, cotton spinning, wool spinning, etc. Workers with severe air pollution often eat black fungus, which can play a good role in health care
main ingredient
  • a handful of black fungus
  • A handful of parsley
  • a few granules of garlic
  • two spicy millets
  • a spoonful of white vinegar
  • Appropriate amount of salt
  • a spoonful of vegetable oil

Step 1 of coriander mixed with fungus1.Soak black fungus in water in advance

Step 2 of mixing coriander with fungus2.Cut more coriander into small pieces with the same length as the fungus

Step 3 of mixing coriander with fungus3.Put the soaked black fungus into the boiling water pot Cook in medium for two minutes and then quickly soak in cold water to cool down so that the fungus tastes crisp and tender

Step 4 of mixing coriander with fungus4.Put the black fungus soaked in cold water into a container, add salt, vegetable oil, white vinegar, millet, spicy minced garlic

Step 5 of coriander and fungus5.Add coriander and mix well

Recipe step 6 of coriander and fungus6.Put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate and eat it more crispy

Step 7 of mixing coriander with fungus7.Finished product

Step 8 of mixing coriander with fungus8.Finished product

Step 9 of mixing coriander with fungus9.Finished product

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