Coke-flavored ginger juice

Coke-flavored ginger juice
Ginger Coke is definitely a wonderful flower in the dark cooking world. There are many ginger juices that cause colds Coke is not effective for all colds. If the cold is serious, it is better to go to the doctor honestly.
Main ingredients
  • Ginger 15g
  • 1 cup of cola
  • 1 slice of lemon
  • 200ml of hot water

How to make cola-flavored ginger juice step 11.Prepare all ingredients

Coke-flavored ginger juice Practice Step 22.Pour out the cola for backup

Step 3 of Cola Flavored Ginger Juice3.Wash and slice the lemon and slice the ginger into the cooking cup

Step 4 of Cola-flavored ginger juice4.Select the highest gear 12 and run for 1 minute

Step 5 of Coke-flavored ginger juice5.Pour the ginger juice into the prepared Coke

1 If you like something sweeter, you can use Pepsi Cola 2 Use turmeric and ginger, the flavor will be heavier 3 Drink while it's hot

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