Christmas gift yam snowman

Christmas gift yam snowman
Today is Christmas Eve in the West, tomorrow is Christmas, just want to make yam dishes, so I want to make one Yam snowman, because it is a whim and there is nothing to make branches, so I can use whatever materials at home. This is simple, delicious and nutritious.
Main ingredients
  • 250 grams of yam
  • appropriate amount of sugar
  • appropriate amount of hawthorn cake
  • appropriate amount of fungus
  • appropriate amount of carrot
  • Appropriate amount of cucumber

Step 1 of the yam snowman for Christmas gifts1.Wash the yam and cut it into small pieces

Step 2 of the Christmas yam snowman2.Sprinkle some sugar on top of the steamer

Step 3 of yam snowman for Christmas gift3.Take out after steaming Pound the yam with a rolling pin and put it in the refrigerator for an hour

Christmas gift yam snow Step 44.Take out the body of the snowman with a spoon.

Step 5 of the Christmas yam snowman5.Make the head of the snowman again

How to make a yam snowman as a Christmas giftStep 66.Cut the hawthorn cake into two pieces and then cut two circles to make a scarf

Step 7 of the Christmas yam snowman7.Tie the scarf around the neck

Step 8 of the yam snowman for Christmas8.Cut two eyes with fungus and glue them to the nose with carrots

Step 9 of Christmas yam snowman9.Cut a small piece of fungus to make Mouth

Step 10 of Christmas gift yam snowman 10.Take a cucumber head and dig out the flesh

Christmas gift Step 1111.Make a cucumber head into a hat and put it on the head

Step 12 of Christmas gift yam snowman12.Sift a layer of white sugar on the body of the snowman with flour to make snowflakes

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