Cheese Omelette

Cheese Omelette
Main ingredients
  • 1 bowl of rice
  • appropriate amount of green beans
  • appropriate amount of carrots
  • onion Appropriate amount
  • 2 slices of cheese
  • 3 tablespoons of tomato sauce
  • Appropriate amount of cooking oil
  • li>
  • A pinch of salt
  • A pinch of white pepper

Step 1 of omelette with cheese1.Prepare all ingredients for use

Cheese Omelette Step 22.Beat the eggs with a little white pepper and a little salt

Step 3 of Omelet with Cheese3.After the pot is hot, pour it Add the right amount of cooking oil and stir fry the onion until fragrant

Cheese omelette rice Step 44.Add rice and stir fry evenly, then add carrots and green peas and continue to fry

Step 5 of Omelet with Cheese5.Add 3 tablespoons of tomato sauce and stir fry until the rice bounces Sprinkle with a little salt or if you think it's ok, put it in a bowl Get up

The making of cheese omeletteStep 66.Coat each piece of rice evenly with tomato sauce, then put it in a bowl, flip it upside down, and then drop it inside

Step 7 of omelette with cheese7.Put cheese slices on it

Step 8 of Omelet with Cheese8.Take another oil pan and pour eggs if you want to be more beautiful, use chopsticks Sandwich it in the middle

Step 9 of cheese omelette rice9.After the eggs are spread, put them on the prepared rice.

Step 10 of Cheese Omelet Rice10.Beautiful and delicious

Cheese Omelet Rice Step 1111.Haha, every bite is a happy taste.

Onion diced is the soul of fried rice.It will be delicious if you put eggs.If you want to sandwich it in the middle, you need to spread it slowly over low heat, and then shake the pan to let the uncoagulated eggs flow down to form a circle.

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