Braised Rice with Beans

Braised Rice with Beans
Main ingredients
  • Rice for 3 people
  • 250g of beans
  • 150g of pork belly
  • 50g of dried radish
  • a few shiitake mushrooms
  • appropriate amount of chopped green onion
  • Appropriate amount of salt
  • Appropriate amount of soy sauce
  • Appropriate amount of pepper powder
  • A little chicken powder

Steamed rice with beans Step 11.Steam the rice first

Step 2 of Braised Rice with Beans2.Ingredients Beans, pork belly, mushrooms and radishes, cut into cubes and finally chopped green onion

Step 3 of Braised Rice with Beans3.Fry the minced pork first

Step 4 of Braised Rice with Beans4.Pour in mushrooms and dried radish and fry until fragrant

Step 5 of stewed rice with beans5.Add the beans and stir-fry with some salt

Step 6 of Braised Rice with Beans6.Sprinkle some water

Step 7 of Braised Rice with Beans7.Put the rice into the pot and turn to the lowest heat, cover and simmer for 5 minutes

Step 8 of braised rice with beans8.Open the lid and mix well

Step 9 of Braised Rice with Beans9.Add the right amount of soy sauce, pepper powder, chicken powder and finally sprinkle chopped green onion and mix well Just

Step 10 of bean stewed rice10.The finished product saves time and effort, and comes back from get off work to eat the stewed rice with vegetables.

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