Braised Noodles with Cabbage

Braised Noodles with Cabbage
Main ingredients
  • Half a cabbage (cabbage)
  • 2 eggs
  • 300g noodles
  • Appropriate amount of onion segments
  • Appropriate amount of oil
  • Appropriate amount of salt
  • Appropriate amount of soy sauce
  • Appropriate amount of pepper

The practice of braised noodles with cabbage Step 11.Garnish with cabbage (cabbage), egg, spring onion

Step 2 of braised cabbage noodles2.2 servings of raw noodles

Step 3 of braised cabbage noodles3.Heat oil in a pan and beat two eggs

Step 4 of braised cabbage noodles4.Slipping

Step 5 of braised cabbage noodles5.Add the cabbage and fry until discolored and add some salt to taste

Step 6 of braised cabbage noodles6.Pour in an appropriate amount of water

Step 7 of braised noodles with cabbage7.Put the raw noodles on the surface of the cabbage, pour an appropriate amount of oil, cover and simmer for 3~5 minutes.The simmering time is based on the amount of noodles Depends

Step 8 of braised cabbage noodles8.It's time to open the lid and the noodles are cooked

The practice of braised noodles with cabbage Step 99.Pour in an appropriate amount of soy sauce and pepper and mix quickly

Step 10 of braised noodles with cabbage10.Finally, add scallions to add fragrance and mix well.

Step 11 of cabbage stewed noodles11.Finished product

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