Blueberry Frozen Cheese Ice Cream

Blueberry Frozen Cheese Ice Cream
It was originally a frozen cheesecake and it turned into ice cream with some adjustments, and it tasted like ice cream But it's more fragrant than ice cream. It's really cool to have a piece in summer~~
Main ingredients
  • A pack of digestive biscuits
  • A pack of cocoa powder
  • butter 45g
  • cream cheese 60g
  • light cream 160 Grams
  • 1 tablespoon of rum
  • appropriate amount of marshmallow
  • appropriate amount of blueberry jam
  • Appropriate amount of blueberries
  • Two packets of blueberry flavored gummies

Step 1 of Blueberry Frozen Cheese Ice Cream1.Put the biscuits in a plastic bag and crush them with a rolling pin

Step 2 of Blueberry Frozen Cheese Ice Cream2.Stir the butter and cocoa powder evenly Put in the biscuits and stir well

The practice of blueberry frozen cheese ice cream Step 33.I used a 6-inch movable tray on the cake mold and put tin foil on it, put the broken cookies into the hands and press them tightly and evenly

Step 4 of Blueberry Frozen Cheese Ice Cream4.Put two small packets of blueberry QQ sugar into two bowls and put some water One of them can't be too little or too much.It looks like 2 times of QQ sugar.One can put a little water and put it in the microwave to beat and stir well.Set aside and wait for it to cool.

Step 5 of Blueberry Frozen Cheese Ice Cream5.Cut the cheese into small pieces, stir with a whisk, add in the marshmallow and whip it into a paste, as long as the graininess is not too obvious

Step 6 of Blueberry Frozen Cheese Ice Cream6.Beat the whipped cream Make 78% of the fat, add the cheese paste and continue to stir evenly.Add a little bit of water to the bowl of QQ sugar water that has been completely cold and evenly mixed.Add a little bit and mix well.

Step 7 of Blueberry Frozen Cheese Ice Cream7.Pour the mixed paste into the mold and put it in When it is not very soft in the freezer, pour another bowl of QQ sugar water and put some blueberries in the refrigerator to freeze.

Step 8 of Blueberry Frozen Cheese Ice Cream8.After a few hours of freezing, you can eat the bird~~

Remember Blueberry QQ syrup must be cold, otherwise oil and water separation will have to be redone

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