Birthday cake??

Birthday cake??
Mummy made a birthday cake for Mommy's birthday yesterday, so happy hehe
Master Ingredients
  • cream 500ml
  • 1 red heart dragon fruit
  • 1 dragon fruit
  • 2 large mangoes
  • 1 drop of food coloring light powder

Step 1 of the birthday cake??1.Prepare the tools

Step 2 of the birthday cake??2.Cut the fruit into mango dragon fruit

Step 3 of birthday cake??3.Whip a cream Put a drop of food coloring in the white one

birthday cake?? Step 44.Put the baked and cooled chiffon into the first layer and then rub the surface

Step 5 of the birthday cake??5.Add the first layer of fruit dragon fruit??

Step 6 of the birthday cake??6.Add chiffon noodles and fruit.

Step 7 of the birthday cake??7.The third layer

Step 8 of the birthday cake??8.Add another layer of chiffon noodles

Step 9 of the birthday cake??9.Put the light pink cream in a piping bag and start piping

Step 10 of the birthday cake??10.Finished painting p>

Step 11 of the birthday cake??11.Cut Wow delicious??

Step 12 of the birthday cake??12.Eat delicious food at a restaurant

birthday cake?? Step 1313.I want to eat it before wiping it haha

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