beer steamed buns

beer steamed buns
it was a pity to throw away the leftover beer, but I wanted to use it to make steamed buns. It was unexpectedly delicious, especially soft and fluffy. Light wheat flavor
Main ingredients
  • All-purpose flour 900g
  • 450g beer
  • 50g sugar
  • 9g yeast

How to make beer buns 11.Pour the beer into the noodle bucket

Step 2 of Beer Mantou2.Add flour, sugar and yeast

Step 3 of beer buns3.Start kneading

Step 4 of beer buns4.Knead until smooth dough begins to ferment

Step 5 of Beer Steamed Bread5.Send to Twice the size, poke a hole with your finger and poke a hole is not easy to close

Step 6 of Beer Mantou6.Take out the dough and divide it into 3 equal parts

How to make beer buns step 77.Roll length of each serving

The practice of beer buns Step 88.Divide evenly into 12 equal parts

Beer Step 99.Put it on a steaming tray lined with oiled paper

Step 10 of Beer Mantou10.Put it in the steamer to proof for 20 minutes

How to make beer buns 1111.Start the pasta function until the end of the program, if you use a steamer, put cold water on the pot, put it on high steam, then turn on medium heat and steam for 20 minutes

Step 12 of beer buns12.Turn off the machine and simmer for 5 minutes Released

Step 13 of beer buns13.Finished product Figure

Step 14 of Beer Mantou14.Finished product Figure

Step 15 of Beer Mantou15.Finished product Figure

Step 16 of beer steamed buns16.Finished picture

Step 17 of the beer steamed bun17.Finished picture

1.Adjust the amount of beer according to the water absorption of the flour 2.Adjust the sugar addition according to each person's taste Quantity 3.If you want the surface of the steamed bun to be smoother, knead it a few more times or use a rolling pin to press it a few times.I don't knead a lot, so the surface is not very smooth.

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